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Creative Riding – Equestrian health

Fitness training for equestrians – Is it really important?

Training for equestrians, is it really important or is the physical activity we perform in the stable and riding itself enough? When it comes to training your horse, we talk about achieving collection, engagement and suppleness. These skills require both strength, balance, coordination and endurance. You plan your riding sessions, thinking about how you will attain those skills, but how often do you think about yourself and your own well-being? The physical activity you perform in the stable and during riding is definitely beneficial for your health, but in order to promote sustainability and development you often need more challenging activities.

How fitness will improve your riding

As a rider and an athlete, you need a certain margin between your physical capacity and the effort the sport itself requires. For example, a football player adds fitness training as a complement to the specific sports training, in order to gain strength and speed, to succeed on the field and prevent injuries. It’s exactly the same for equestrians.

Benefits of equestrian training:

  • Enhances the ability to maintain a strong and flexible seat
  • Reduces negative impact on your horse through imbalances and uneven weight distribution 
  • Increases your endurance in the arena 
  • Reduces the risk of overuse injuries both in yourself and your horse
  • Improves the ability to stay calm and focused during performances

Creative Riding – Equestrian health

Yes, equestrian training is very important! The Creative Riding – Equestrian health is a program and a source of inspiration, customized especially for you as an equestrian, to achieve the best results and teamwork with your horse. It’s aimed for both beginners and the more experienced. We will help you getting started with your workouts, finding motivation and give you the tools to make your training sessions more effective, fun and easy!

Equestrian health program includes:

  • Facts about training and health
  • Knowledge about biomechanics
  • Substantial workout tips
  • Workout plans and programs
  • Creative solutions for making training more available 
  • Motivation to maintain a strong and healthy body and mind

This program will be led by our licenced Physical Therapist, Fredrika Russ, specialized in orthopedic medicine and experienced in horse riding and equestrian training. We will successively be building this program and content will be available continuously on our website and social media channels.

More information coming soon. If you have any questions welcome to email us at

We hope you will join us! The Creative Riding Team.

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