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Pole work

Hello Everyone!

Today is another beautiful day of the autumn in Portugal and my students were very happy to continue the work with the poles. One of my students told me that her horse doesn’t like pole work. For some horses and riders it’s a big step to take a step over a pole and can be understandable. One step at a time…

creative riding polework - The Swedish Concept For joy and success Pole work

The first lesson today was to enter the poles in a smooth way without stress. Isabella and Samba learnt very quickly how to use the poles.

creative riding polework lesson - The Swedish Concept For joy and success Pole work
Today my student Melanie had a chance to ride my horse Eneias. This exercise was just to enter the pole with straightness and with calm. Sit up straight and focus to be soft in the hands. The horse takes care of the rest.
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