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Let’s kick-start the new year with some canter! 🐎 

Benefits of canter work:

🔸Builds strength and stamina 
🔹Challenges the core muscles
🔸Improves cardio 
🔹Activates hindquarters 
🔸Releases tension
🔹Not only does the canter improve itself, but it also creates more power in other gaits and exercises. 
🔸It’s fun! 

📙📘Our books Creative Riding with obstacles & Creative Riding in the arena are filled with great exercises suited for canter work! 📙📘

Go to our website to get your copy, link in bio!👆

📸 @carloshernaniphoto 
🏇🏻 @annashowjumping 

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We want to thank you for all for your support and engagement during 2021! It has been a few ups and downs but we are so very happy to continue to provide you with our best tools and tips for motivation and inspiration.

We will make 2022 even better and we hope you are with us! A warm welcome hug to all hundreds of new followers who has joined us this last month! 
We will post a full presentation of the Creative Riding concept very soon but in the meantime, if you are interested in knowing more about us and our books, visit our website and sign up for our newsletter to stay updated! Link in bio 👆

In the picture: Eneias, our star 🌟  Barbro, founder and one of the authors of Creative Riding. 

See you next year! 🤩
We love to inspire riders with new, fun and challenging exercises! 🧡

Do like these girls at @cascaisridingclub - get together, play around and get motivated by each other 🤩

Check out the Creative Riding concept! - link in bio 

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#exercise #creativity #cascaisridingclub
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Explore our second book in the Creative Riding series -📘CREATIVE RIDING IN THE ARENA📘

This book contains of 220 unique exercises with poles and cones! 

How to ride your horse between your aids, how to jump with precision, lunging your horse with body language, how to teach your horse flying changes, working your horse from the ground…

…and much more! 🌟

The exercises are divided into 6 chapters:

1. Basic riding and dressage 
2. Basic exercises with poles 
3. Caprilli and flat work 
4. Cone exercises 
5. Giant pole formations 
6. Functional obstacles 

Start the new year with the best gift for yourself and your horse! ✨

Visit our website for more information - link in bio! 💙

#creativeriding #concept #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #creativeridinginthearena
#exercise #creativity #book

Our books are perfect for bringing with you to the arena! 

The chunky spiral bind and thick glossy pages are resistant to wear and tear.

Each exercise is illustrated with a clear diagram and written instructions which makes it easy and simple to understand what to do.

In every exercise you’ll find six symbols that indicates if it is suitable for either walk, trot, canter, jumping, technical riding or working from the ground. 

For more information about our books and how to use them - visit out website 🤓 
Link in bio!


#creativeriding #concept #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #creativeridingwithobstacles #creativeridinginthearena
#exercise #creativity #book
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Let’s do this! 👏

📙Exercise: ”The ship” 

Choose one of the three ways to do the exercise or combine all of them in different variations by changing how you enter and exit the “ship”. 

🔸Straight track - Ride straight through the figure

🔸Bows through the “ship” - enter and exit the straight line through the triangle poles 

🔸Circles - ride circles over the triangle poles 

This exercise is great for straightening, keeping cadence and suppleness 👌🏼

More details on this exercise you’ll find in our orange book “CREATIVE RIDING WITH OBSTACLES” 📙

Have fun! 🧡

#creativeriding #concept #exercise #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #flatwork #polework #creativeridingwithobstacles #book
🌳Slalom between trees🌳

To ride slalom between trees is great for your riding intuition and more challenging compared with riding slalom between cones in the arena.


Your slalom objects in the forest never stand in a straight line, with even distances or on even ground with makes it more tricky. 


Slalom around trees demands a lot of focus from both yourself and your horse, which makes it an excellent exercise and sometimes a well needed break from the arena 🤩

For more inspiration for riding outside the arena check out our green book “CREATIVE RIDING IN NATURE” 📗

#slalom #creativeriding #concept #autenthicity #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #challengeoftheweek #exercise #dressage #flatwork #beatricebulteau
#showjumping #creativeridinginnature #hacking #ridinginnature #nature #book
Crisscross 2.0 - the best multi-exercise ever! 🤩


Explore your own creativity by doing this fun exercise. The variations are almost endless! ♾

Today we worked on straightness by galloping straight across the centre of where the poles meet, and on suppleness by making 8-shapes over the outermost squares of the exercise. 


More examples on how to vary this exercise you’ll find in our blue book “CREATIVE RIDING IN THE ARENA” 📘

#creativeriding #concept #creativity #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #exercise #dressage #flatwork #polework #challenge 
#showjumping #creativeridinginthearena #book
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🏋🏼‍♂️ Fitness training for equestrians – Is it really important?…

…or is the physical activity we perform during stable work and riding enough? 🤔

⚡️When it comes to training your horse, we talk about achieving collection, engagement and suppleness. These skills require both strength, balance, coordination and endurance. 
You plan your riding sessions, thinking about how you will attain those skills, but how often do you think about yourself and your own well-being? ♻️

The physical activity you perform during stable work and riding is definitely beneficial for your health, but in order to promote sustainability and development you often need more challenging activities 👊🏼

Benefits of equestrian training:

🔸Enhances the ability to maintain a strong and flexible seat
🔹Reduces negative impact on your horse through imbalances and uneven weight distribution 
🔸Increases your endurance in the arena 
🔹Reduces the risk of overuse injuries both in yourself and your horse
🔸Improves the ability to stay calm and focused during performances 

⚡️Read more about equestrian training and our upcoming program Creative Riding - Equestrian health, in our latest blogpost. Link in bio! 🌟💪🏼

#creativeriding #concept #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #exercise #dressage #flatwork #showjumping #equestrian #equestriantraining #workout #strong #health
Go green! 🌿

Our green book 📗 CREATIVE RIDING IN NATURE 📗 is perfect for you who need inspiration and ideas when you go out hacking. 

🍃The book consists of a broad variety of training tips and exercises by using everything that nature and your surroundings has to offer. If you have a green horse you will find a lot of exercises you can do from the ground. 

🔸Cardio and strength exercises 
🔸Dressage exercises 
🔸Environment training exercises 
🔸Positive problem solving exercises
🔸Exercises for overcoming fears 
🔸Mindfulness training for stress 
🔸Seat exercises
🔸Safety tips

🍃The book is beautifully illustrated by the French artist Beatrice Bulteau @beatricebulteau 

🍃The chunky spiral - bind and glossy pages are resistant to wear and tear. 

🍃To get your copy go to our shop, link in bio! 

#creativeriding #concept #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #exercise #dressage #flatwork # #beatricebulteau
#creativeridinginnature #hacking #ridinginnature #nature #book
🌱We are all children in the beginning…


Even if your horse is still a youngster, you can start using the exercises in our Creative Riding books. 

In our blue book we have collected ground work exercises that are perfect even for young horses. In our green book you will find examples of how you can train your youngster in nature. It’s a good way to build confidence and develop communication between you and your horse. 



Link to our shop in bio! 

#creativeriding #concept #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle #exercise #dressage #flatwork #showjumping #beginner #youngster #nature #groundwork #creativeridinginthearena #creativeridinginnature
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We often set high expectations for ourselves, to always perform, be on top and do everything right all the time. We plan our training and try our best to keep the plan to the letter.

Sometimes you may just need to let go of all those expectations and recognize your own needs. Perhaps you are tired after a tough week or simply do not feel like doing that dressage session you planned for? Maybe you need something simple and easy today? 

Being authentic and present with yourself to recognize your own needs is important, for both you and your horse’s well-being. 

What do YOU feel like doing today? 🧡

#creativeriding #concept #autenthicity #motivation #inspiration #equestrianlife #horserider #getoutofthecircle
🔶Finding yourself going around in circles... literally?

🔶Feeling stuck and struggling with the same issues over and over again?

🔶Having a hard time finding inspiration?

The orange book 📙 “Creative Riding with obstacles” 📙 is the first book in the series “Creative Riding Concept”. 
This book will kick-start your creativity and develop your problem solving skills! 

It’s aimed at all riders of all levels and disciplines, amateurs, professionals and all kinds of horses. No matter if you’re a showjumping rider, a working equitation practitioner or a leisure rider - this book is for everyone

You will get 160 different exercises with hundreds of variations 

*Flat work exercises 
*Cavaletti exercises 
*Jumping exercises 
*Dressage exercises 
*Precision obstacles
*Technical obstacles 
Available in:
English 🇬🇧 Swedish 🇸🇪 German 🇩🇪 French 🇫🇷 

Sold in 92 countries all over the world 🌎

To get your copy visit our shop - link in bio! 📙📘📗

#creativeriding #concept #polework #horseriding #exercises #book #inspiration #motivation #showjumping #dressage #equestrian #getoutofthecircle
Finishing off an exciting week with a stroll in the beautiful surroundings ✨

How often do you go out hacking with your horse? ☺️

#creativeriding #nature #inspiration #horse #motivation #rider #horserider #hacking #dayoff #dressage #showjumping #polework #getoutofthecircle
⭕️ Get out of the circle ⭕️

Get out of your comfort zone, think outside the box, “get out of the circle”. A dear child has many names…

The concept “Creative Riding and is all about that. 

Our intention is to give you new ideas and help you change old patterns and routines, into something new that will give you new perspectives and inspiration for your training. 

Both you and your horse needs variation, diversity and fun to stay motivated! 🌟

Read more about the concept on our website and explore our Creative Riding book series for hundreds of different pole and cone exercises that will inspire you to better, more fun and pleasant riding 😍 


#creative #inspiration #horseriding
⁣Eric and Star tried out some of our exercises when we had our photoshoot with our Pyramid obstacle from CREATIVE RIDING IN THE ARENA ⭐⠀
Want to try them out too?⠀
Get our book today! 📘⠀
Link in bio! 💙
Ride between the poles in a collected walk. Bend the horse to the right and move the front to the right until you reach the next corridor. Continue to walk through the corridor and repeat on the other side. In this exercise you will clearly feel how flexible the horse's shoulder is and if he can maintain his balance and pace through the turns.⠀
This exercise can be done from the ground. ⠀
Want more exercises from this obstacle? ⠀
Link in bio! 💙
⁣One of the best training tools for the horse's balance and strength is some natural hilly terrain. A good workout that you can do every other day is to ride up and down a road or trail. Maximum effect? Add a session a week with ONLY climbing! 🏔⠀
Haven't tried it out yet?⠀
Buy CREATIVE RIDING IN NATURE for all the tips and tricks needed to get started on some strengthening fun! 📗⠀
Link in Bio! 💚
⁣Improve your halts by using markers, for example, halt next to a cone, or in between poles. The halt is an excellent check to see if your horse is in balance between your aids. With a well balanced and responsive  horse, you should be able to perform a halt wherever and whenever ⭐⠀
Get the full exercise in our book CREATIVE RIDING IN THE ARENA! 📘⠀
Link in bio! 💙
⁣Polework is a great way to supple the horse and improve impulsion, core, balance, co-ordination and strength ⭐⠀
If you ever thought about polework as boring and repetitive, you really have to try our books and online products, as they will open up a whole new world of exercises for you! 🐎⠀
Link in bio! 🧡
Green route: Riding inside the circle of cones will help you frame your horse from the outside. This is particularly useful if your horse tends to push his shoulder out and lose the circle. As this problem commonly depends on the rider's position, let the cones support your track and stay focused on your own body. ⠀
Keep your hands parallel with even contact in both reins and bend the horse around your inner leg. Be careful not to bend yourself! ⠀
Sit upright, check that you’re not heavier in one stirrup or seatbone. Keep your shoulders on an even level so that you’re not leaning in nor out.⠀
You can do this exercise in a walk, trot or canter⠀
Want more exercises from this cone pattern?⠀
Get CREATIVE RIDING WITH OBSTACLES today in time for Christmas! 📙⠀
Link in bio! 🧡
⁣When riding out in nature, crossing bridges might occur. Always check the sturdiness of of it before crossing it. The sound of wooden bridges can be unsettling for some horses. You can save yourself from big leaps, by dismounting the horse and letting him investigate the bridge at his own pace 🐎⠀
Need some hacking tips? ⠀
Get CREATIVE RIDING IN NATURE today in time for Christmas! 📗⠀
Link in bio! 💚
In three different parts of the pyramid you can ride a circle over four poles in fan formation. Depending on where you cross the poles, there will be different distances between the poles and different circle sizes. Tailor the route so the distance suits the horse’s stride length. ⠀
The exercise can be done in either walk, trot or canter, depending on the length of the poles and size and collection of the horse.⠀
Need more exercises from this pattern? ⠀
CREATIVE RIDING IN THE ARENA is the book for you! 📘⠀
Link in bio! 💙
⁣The benefits of pole and cone exercises are endless: strength, coordination, gymnastics and so much more! ⭐⠀
Don't know where to start? ⠀
Get our online course POLEWORK BASCIS, today! 📱🖥⠀
Link in bio! 🧡
BLUE ROUTE: Enter on the diagonal and ride a circle around the first cone. When you leave the circle you do either shoulder-in or haunches-in until you reach the next cone. ⠀
Ride in a new circle and exit that one either shoulder-in or haunches-in until you reach the last cone. There, you ride in a circle and continue out onto the track.⠀
This is a good exercise for those who normally ride the three-tracks along the wall but don’t feel ready for a whole diagonal. ⠀
By reconnecting to the circle after a short distance, you get the opportunity to re-establish the right feeling and relaxation.⠀
This exercise can be done in either a walk, trot or canter.⠀
Want more exercises from this pattern?⠀
Link in bio! 🧡⠀
⁣⁣Triangles are one of our favourite pole obstacles ⭐ ⠀
Nothing challenges your straight lines more, than to ride straight over a triangle corner. At first, the horse can be unsteady and try to step aside. But once mastered, it's a great tool to check your straightness and aiming! 🔺 ⠀⠀
Need to freshen up on your lines? ⠀
Our triangles in CREATIVE RIDING WITH OBSTACLES is the book for you! 📙⠀
BUY it TODAY with 20% off, link in bio! 🧡⠀
Model: @astridhedman 
📸: @___c_hernani___ ⠀
⁣A stubble field can become the perfect arena for you and your horse, just remember to ask permission of the landowner! ⠀
Need some inspiration?⠀
Link in bio! 💚⠀
Model: @eb_horse 
📸: @linazachanox ⠀
⁣Sometimes it inevitable for the need to cross a river or stream. Always cross where the current is minimal and the water levels are the lowest. Be sure to check the bottom and avoid slippery or sharp stones, or grounds where the horse can sink and get stuck 💧⠀
Want more tips and outdoor exercises?⠀
Link in bio! 💚⠀
Model: @rosieellinor 
📸: @linazachanox ⠀
Ride in a trot in an oval, over the pole series. Ride a straight approach, over and after each pole series. Ride the short sides in a curved track or hard right angle. The placement of each pole series will determine how long or short your approach is. Practice to keep the straight line and regular rhythm and pace!⠀
Want more exercises from this obstacle?⠀
Link in bio! 💙 ⠀
⁣⁣Canter, canter, canter 🐎⠀⠀
Many riders don't really train on their canter, many don't canter at all or just burn around the arena a couple of laps and call it a day. You need to TRAIN on your canter, do canter exercises, to USE the canter in DIFFERENT ways, to have a physically fit horse. ⠀⠀
The benefits are many: the more you train in canter, the more strength and stamina you build. Not only the canter itself, but you'll also get more power in your trot work. The canter work challenges the horse's core, cardio and activates his hindquarters. Begin with shortening and lengthening the strides in different exercises and at different distances and tracks.⠀⠀
Need help?⠀⠀
Link in bio! 🧡 ⠀⠀
Model: @annashowjumping ⠀
📸: @___c_hernani___ ⠀
⁣When you train back-up obstacles, it's important to vary the obstacles. Otherwise, your horse will soon learn to do the obstacle by himself, without paying attention to your guidance. This skill can of course be helpful, but sooner or later, your horse will take bad decisions and push the poles around. Therefor, train smart from the start! Build teamwork with your horse, and try different challenges. Train different corridors, angles and turns, to keep both your horse and yourself alert! ⭐⠀
Need exercise inspiration? ⠀
Get our Start-Up Kit with our first book CREATIVE RIDING WITH OBSTACLES and our online course POLEWORK BASICS! 📙🖥📱⠀
BUY it TODAY with a 40% discount, LINK IN BIO! 😱🧡 ⠀
Model: @eb_horse 
📸: @linazachanox ⠀
⁣The beach is one of the best terrains to ride on and great for cardio training. The sand is firm where the water meets the beach which gives perfect buoyancy without giving too much hold! 🏖⠀
Want more tips and exercises for the beach?⠀
OUT NOW with 20% OFF, link in bio! 💚⠀
Model: @barbrointernational 
📸: @linazachanox
1. This exercise is a different type of Serpentine instead of the traditional one with bows. Walk over the pole on a straight line and halt at the cone. Make a quarter turn on the forehand so you are facing the next cone straight on. Continue through the whole figure.⠀
2. Then change the turns on the forehand to turns on the haunches.⠀
What more exercises from this obstacle? ⠀
BUY NOW for 20% OFF, link in bio! 🧡⠀
⁣The most efficient way to improve your horse's durability is aerobic interval training.⠀
A good interval can start with 5 minute walk, 5 minute trot, alternately for half an hour.⠀
A horse with a better cardio can train in canter intervals, for example canter for 2 minutes, walk for 3 minutes. ⠀
Start out with a warm-up and remember that your horse should not start producing lactic acid in the work period, it's not supposed to be a high tempo or hard work out. ⠀
Want more tips for your nature training?⠀
Link in bio! 💚 ⠀
Models: @josefinhenrikssoon @norlinglina ⠀
📸: @barbrointernational
Ride over four poles in your preferred gait. Tie together these half circles after every pole series and ride the horse in the other direction to make an half circle around the pyramid points. Then ride into the next fan formation and continue indefinitely.⠀
Want more exercises from the obstacle Pyramid? ⠀
BUY NOW for 20% OFF, link in bio! 💙
⁣⁣Riding straight over corners can be difficult for horses and riders but a great way to check on the horse's straightness! It challenges the horse's coordination, making him more aware of where he places his hooves as well as his distance estimation.⠀⠀
As a rider, you train on keeping your horse between you aids and keeping your lines perfectly straight ⭐⠀⠀
Need a challenge? ⠀⠀
⁣Try laying out the Pyramid from CREATIVE RIDING IN THE ARENA and work on your lines! 📘
BUY NOW for 20% OFF, link in bio! 💙⠀ 
Model: @eb_horse 
📸: @linazachanox
Start from halt in gate A and trot straight to gate B. After gate B, make a leg-yielding to the right, straighten the horse and ride through gate C and D. After gate D, make a new leg yielding to gate E. Straighten and trot straight for gate F and halt.⠀
This exercise helps you improve your aiming, and to get the horse to keep his forward thinking.⠀
You can even ride the exercise in canter or walk.⠀
Want more exercises from this pattern?⠀
Link in bio! 💙
⁣It’s important to plan your route so that you can change between straight track and circle without changing tempo or quality in the riding. Remember to also to be present with the horse in every stride, so that you do not give abrupt signals. Always look in the direction you are going and not down into the ground 🐎⠀
For exercises about this, ⠀
Buy our online course POLEWORK BASICS, today! 📱🖥️⠀
Link in bio! 🧡⠀
Model: @eb_horse 
📸: @linazachanox
⁣⁣Polework is a great tool for all horses and riders. From helping the horse keep his rhythm and forward thinking, to making him activate his core muscles and improving his schwung ⭐⠀⠀
New to Polework?⠀⠀
Check out our new online course POLEWORK BASICS! 🖥📱⠀⠀
Link in bio! 🧡⠀
Model: @astridhedman 
📸: @___c_hernani___
⁣⁣Autumn is now here in northern Europe, the cold taking hold but also giving us some stunning sights. Take a moment to enjoy nature with your four-legged companion this weekend with a hack 🍁⠀⠀
Want some inspiration for your colourful ride? ⠀⠀
Check out our latest release CREATIVE RIDING IN NATURE! 📗⠀⠀
Link in bio! 💚⠀
Model: Tiger (JD Tiger Chex)⠀
📸: @linazachanox
Practice gait transitions by riding in a circle or going large. Change gait at each gate, from walk to trot or canter, from trot to walk or canter, from canter to walk or trot. This is a good basic exercise for all levels, which makes the horse pay attention and encourages the rider to be more precise in their aids. - CREATIVE RIDING WITH OBSTACLES⠀
Want more exercises from this cone pattern?⠀
Check out CREATIVE RIDING WITH OBSTACLES in out webshop! 📙⠀
Link in bio! 🧡
⁣⁣If you have more than one horse to exercise, it’s really practical to take one other horse with you by ponying. It’s an opportunity to expand the exercise for a young horse, children’s pony or a companion horse. Remember to use a long lead rope or longe line, around 4-metres in length. This length is ideal for ponying so that the horse can follow behind the ridden horse if you are riding. 🐎⠀⠀
Want to read more of CREATIVE RIDING IN NATURE? 📗⠀⠀
Link in bio! 💚⠀
Model: @rosieellinor 
📸: @linazachanox

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